Welcome, Autumn!

Guess what happens on Thursday! It’s the autumnal equinox! The changing of the seasons – at least according to the calendar. Our forecast here at Pebble Creek at Lake Mary still calls for thunderstorms and highs in the low 90s – typical summer weather, at least for a while longer.

One of the joys of the season is the changing of the leaves. You don’t have to stare at that perpetually green palm tree unless you want to. fall_color_asheville_nc_mountainsGrab a pumpkin latte and let’s see where we can enjoy some fall colors.

The Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains reign supreme. Trees blanket the hills and colors are intense. Best you can do is stand in awe. Asheville is always a favorite. Here’s the local prediction for this year – plus tips for how to “do” leaf viewing. Biggest piece of advice: book your room early. You’ll have lots of company up in the hills.

Here’s a guide to the Blue Ridge and one for the Great Smokies.

Looking farther afield? Or need more time to plan? Try this national fall-color map. Use the slider below the map to see when colors will be at their peak.

leaves-3-for-blogThe Farmers’ Almanac also has a state-by-state list here.

Fall color in Florida is more subtle. We lack the drop in temperatures that bring on the really vivid colors, but from late October to mid-November, we can still enjoy some seasonal variations. Best locales are Torreya State Park in the Panhandle, Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park south of Tallahassee and the Ormond Scenic Loop Road north of Daytona Beach, where, if you’re lucky, you can see dolphins, whales, manatees and colorful leaves all at the same time.

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