Green thumb, part 2

Earlier this week, we started thinking about spring and what happens when the weather warms up. No, not that – plants! Flowers bloom and veggies proliferate – especially when you pay attention when you plant them.

flower 3 for blogBefore you grab those gardening tools, however, let’s go over a few additional details.

For instance, if you plan to grow vegetables, you need to think about soil and fertilizer and pest control, even for plants in pots on your porch at Pebble Creek at Lake Mary. University of Florida IFAS Extension has compiled some detailed info on this Florida Vegetable Gardening Guide website. As usual, it is aimed at people with yards, but container gardeners can benefit from the info as well.

It’s also a good idea to know what to plant and when. We go to UF/IFAS once again for the details. When you click that previous link, scroll down for a comprehensive planting table with info in when to plant, what varieties grow well here and how to deal with insect pests.

Additional information for flowers and well as food growing can be found at this UF/IFAS site.

If you’re more of a “bloomer,” UF/IFAS has plenty of info for you too.

Garden guru Tom MacCubbin, who will speak at the ag extension garden expo on March 5, also offers help with a very long, alphabetical list of plants on his website.

And finally: yes, there is an app for that! For UF/IFAS info and services any time on your mobile device, visit the app website here.


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